Steps for cleaning out viruses, malware and spyware

When you see something funny going on your computer, the best thing would be to go to an expert but as taking it down to the shop is expensive there are some steps that in a lot of cases would solve the problem . First thing is ALWAYS make a full backup of your computer and all the files before you start any of the following steps. Go to , download the ccleaner (right now version 3.0) it is free for home users . what the progrum does , it cleans your computer quite well, and even fixes your registery problems. Than try reinstaling one of the free antivirus programs out there, like avast or nod. personally i like avast as i have een working with it and no problems. once you reinstall or install the anti virus make a complete check for viruses in avast you should select the boot scan as it has a better chances of deleting the viruses whily in boot mode before starting windows. and last go to and download the hitman pro , right now version 3.5 which is free as well which does a really quick scan and is good as a second opinion as it can find some things especially spyware. Using this basic solutions usually solves the problems. Sometimes you can have problems installing the anti virus or ccleaner as the vrus or spyware doesnt allow you to install any programs, in that case first make sure that your dns has not been changed and try installing it going in to safe mode (usually pressing F8 while rebooting.) Good luck!

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