Installation SAGE100 on a client computer connect to server Windows 2008

TO INSTALL SAGE 100 ON A LOCAL COMPUTER (a quick comment first, i wrote this on the fly while i was doing it on a spanish computer and a spanish language SAGE100 and i dont have time to spell check or to reread what i worte, so if any mistakes please email us or add a comment, thank you ) First go to server where sage 100 is installed . Go to administrator > user accounts > add new user > originally we were told to add as an administrator the user but we we just added as a normal user as we didn’t want to risk and it seems to be working fine for the moment . however if we will have problems in the future we might have to come back to it 2: go to SQL management studio. (already included in your sage 100 when you buy a sage 100 with SQL ) than go to Security on the main tree > logins and create a new user with the SAME name of the user sign in to the local computer where user will be connecting from . 3: go to the user on the main SQL and go to assign and select the correct DB and you must give permissions read and write 4: make sure the software folder where client needs to click is shared so the client computer can connect and install 5: Now go to the client computer first you have to add the folders from where you want to install (as well as for the program to work later on) as a network drive on mypc and assign it any letter that you would like. Than select the file sage100 to install and make sure to select SQL plus caja as client . very important if you want to install caja and the gestion part you should first install the caja and after go back to install and do the gestion During installation it will ask you name of server , make sure you add just the name of the server without \\ Next you will have to put in the license number to the sage100 , the same you used during the installation on the server. Than go next next next complete If you want the gestion too than redo install and select the gestion or any other components that you would like and do the same process as above. We are using version 16, and we have to install a fix I think it is called parche 16.0.1 . to do that copy the dll file in the fix and go to program files > gecomaes change the name of the old dll there and than copy the new in there. Last step …. : ) from local computer with correct local user in case you had to do the instaltion ith an administrator account and not the real local restricted user, go to run type in the server name , go to the network file where you have the shortcuts to the sage100 and copy shortcuts to the desktop of local computer. Make sure when you right click proporties that the path is correct.

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