Sage 100 install in Windows server

When installing sage 100 in a server please note the following important things. – After installing the program the test database might not work if you you buy the basic pack, as you might need pack + to make it work. in that case you can ask your distributor to just put in the license of a pack + open the database, than change the license again. The reason why it doesnt work is simply because pack + has the option of various warehouses per business , so once you make it work for the first time with the correct license you can disable multi warehouses and make it work, than change the license again,. – After installing the program make sure the shortcuts and database information is stored on a seperate folder under the root or d: drive than share it as otherwise when installing new computers that connect to the sage 100 through the network not terminal server would not be able to connect. – Make sure that manually you change all the shoortcuts to show name of server \ the shared folder. if you go through the route like d:\\users\folder name it wouldnt work . – How to install on other computers coming in a post soon!!!

Añadir campos libres Sage100

Sage 100 te permite añadir + de 30 campos libres en clientes/provedores como articulos. para añadir un campo libre entra en Sage100 Gestion > archivo > configuracion de la sociedad . selecciona Opciones > informacion Libre y alli puedes añadir. recuerde que en sage algunas veces para añadir un campo hay que pulsar Intro antes de pulsar el boton OK.

Sage no te permitira añadir campo libre si hay usuarios conectados al sage porque es un cambio global que rediseña la base de datos SQL .

Tambien es muy importante que cuando añades un campo libre se pierden todas las Personalizaciones hechos anteriormente en el sage por lo cual antes de añadir campo hay que exportar los personalizaciones y despues de añadir campos volver importar el campo.